What Reassign Status Means On Your Ellis Mystery Shops

As an Ellis mystery shopper, you might notice from time to time that some of your shops have fallen into Reassign status. Here’s what Reassign status means on your Ellis mystery shops and what to do to fix it.

what-does-reassign-meanWhat Reassign status means:

Reassign status means that from the time the message is sent, you have 24 hours to update a shop and/or submit the report OR you will be removed from the shop and not receive any compensation for your time/efforts made.  Plus it can reflect poorly on your EPMS shopper account.    If you have it happen too many times, your self assignment allowance for shops will be reduced, meaning you will have less shops available to complete at one time.


How you get to into Reassign status:

If you do not respond to status update requests and/or do not have a shop completed AND submitted by the listed due date, you can be placed into reassign status.

**Even if you update that you are working to complete a shop – it MUST be submitted within 24 hours of the shop being completed.  You cannot just keep updating and failing to submit your mystery shopping report.


How to stay out of Reassign status:

Always keep your Ellis mystery shops updated as to your progress, especially if you are having problems completing, need an extension, or are close to the due date. Complete your mystery shop on time and have the shopping report submitted on or before your due date.

Heather P.