Mystery Shoppers, Don’t Be Labeled a Lookie-Loo

The Pacific Northwest is in the middle of a housing boom and downtown Seattle, WA represents it well with all of the new construction cranes that have become part of its subtly changing skyline.  The competitiveness of this thriving apartment market has sparked the curiosity of businesses and passers-by producing what many leasing professionals have come to refer to as the ‘Lookie-Loo’.

lookie-loo mystery shoppersA seasoned leasing professional can spot a Lookie-Loo almost immediately.  Oftentimes this person is vague about providing personal information and typically does not offer much of a story despite the agent’s efforts to find out how best they can assist them.  Once the leasing professional has decided (whether correctly or incorrectly) that the prospect is a Lookie-Loo and that they will be spending the next 30 minutes with someone who has no intention of leasing an apartment, their sales skills tend to take a back seat and they oftentimes  shift into ‘tour guide mode’.

As mystery shoppers in the apartment industry we have criteria to adhere to so that each leasing professional we shop can achieve the best possible results, and so that we can produce an accurate evaluation of the target agent being shopped.

When shopping a brand new community or one that is still under construction it is important that we don’t present ourselves as just another Lookie-Loo.   In order to keep from being labeled a Lookie-Loo we need to solidify our story before our interaction with the leasing professional begins.

  • mystery shoppers dont be labeled a lookie-looHave a specific time frame for when you need to move.
  • Be prepared to explain to the leasing professional why you are looking to make a move and what attracted you to that particular community.
  • Come prepared with real questions that pertain to your particular lifestyle such as, “Is parking included?” or “Do you have bicycle storage available?”

The more you present yourself as a real, prospective resident the more likely you will experience a thorough sales presentation that is both informative and fun and won;t be labeled a Lookie-Loo.  Simple preparation on your part as a mystery shopper will enable you to best provide the apartment management with the most accurate evaluation of the team they have entrusted to fill their apartment homes.


Julie S