7 Ways to End the Call if You Don’t Reach Your Target

Keep in mind a leasing professional is instructed to keep prospective tenants on the phone long enough to qualify them for an apartment and to build a rapport that makes them want to come check the place out. As a former leasing agent, I got very used to people calling up just to find out the price and then just hanging up when it was too high or we didn’t have an apartment for when they needed it.

7 ways to end the callA good leasing professional never gets hung up on, which is great for them, but bad for mystery shoppers when our target is not the one who answers the phone. So how do you get off that call when you did not get the right person?

Here 7 ways to end the call if you don’t reach your target.


1. Immediately ask how much the monthly rent is and say it’s out of your price range.

2.  Ask if they have a floor plan you know that they don’t have (example: If they don’t have a 3 bedroom, ask for one.).

3. If you’re really in a pinch, you can tell them you have the wrong number, but don’t do this repeatedly with the same property or it’s a tip off a shopper is calling.

4. If you know a property doesn’t allow aggressive breeds, ask if they do and then, when they say yes, than them and end the call.

ways to end the call5. If there is a feature you know they don’t have, such as hardwood floors, ask about it and then when they say no, say you have to go.

6.  Ask if they are a senior community and when they say no, ask if they know of any and then, say thanks and end the call.

7. Ask about the school district and then say you were looking to be in a different one so your kids can stay at their current school.

To arm yourself with ways to end the call if you don’t reach your target, you must do some preparation before making the call. You have to do your research to provide a solid objection at the on-site evaluation, anyway, so why not do it before the call?

This way you will be prepared to either get off of the phone if your target doesn’t answer the phone or to continue the call if they do pick up. Leasing professionals talk to several people each day and can’t remember them all; you will be less likely to be made as a mystery shopper if you use different ways to end the call if you don’t reach your target.

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