Calling All Pet Lovers

Calling All Pet LoversAre you an animal lover and need to earn some extra money?  There are mystery shopping jobs that cater to evaluation of animals and maintenance,  their pet products, and review of the staff personnel that are just waiting for you.  


Most of these types of mystery shops tend to be demonstrating type shops where you normally are sent to a pet store and set up a demonstrating table to offer the latest pet products to consumers.  The shopper will usually give away new edible products to potential customers and each shop product will cater to several pet animals, such as a dog, cat, fish, or bird, will have the latest product for a customer to comment on whether the product is something that they would purchase in the future.

 If you enjoy being around animals, then pet store mystery jobs are fun shops to do and usually requires commitment of three to five hours per week.  The company usually requires that you set up your demonstrating table either inside or outside the pet store.  You then reach out to customers who come to the store and ask their preferences on any particular pet products.  You usually then mark down the customer responses on a rating sheet that is submitted to their representative for payment.

 Other mystery shops may require that you just visit a pet store and do an independent review of a customer or of an in store product.  This may require you to evaluate customer service or perform an auditing of certain items in the store.   These mystery shops usually pay quickly and if you enjoy being around animals, you are sure to have a fast and fun filled day, while earning extra cash doing what you enjoy.