Busting Mystery Shopping Myths

Most of us are suckers for earning easy cash. Since there is clearly a market for mystery shopping, there is also an array of myths regarding the mystery shopping industry. With so many misconceptions out there regarding mystery shopping, we need to clear the air!

5 Myths About Mystery Shopping

5 Myths About Mystery Shopping1.       Mystery shopping can be tough to get into. Mystery Shopping is such an easy business to get into! Most shopping companies offer all of the necessary tools to set you up as a mystery shopper right away. Sure, you have to be able to read and write, follow shop contract specifications, and be responsible, but it’s far from “tough” to get in.

2.       You can’t earn money if you don’t spend it. Most of the time you do not have to spend money in order mystery shop. Well, you may be asked to pay for something up from and get reimbursed or return it to get your money back. In the end, mystery shopping companies want mystery shopping to be a positive experience for you – not one that will cost you money to participate. And you’re never obligated to accept a shop contract

Mystery Shopping3.       A successful shop requires an eye for detail. You do not have to have an innate or natural “eye for detail” in order to join a mystery shopping team. Yes, you need to be able to follow shop contract specifications and it’s a good idea to follow any recommendations from the mystery shopping company. Successful shoppers learn what they need to pay attention to and can find ways to boost their memory power over time. Typically you don’t need to remember minute details as much as the big things. Your shopping report form is a great guideline for reference.

4.       Payment depends on your performance. Mystery shopping companies set the payment terms for each shop contract based on the details of the shop and their client’s specifications. You know what your contract payment will be up front prior to assigning yourself a shop. Be careful to always submit a complete shopping report, give honest feedback and conduct your shops ethically and professionally.

5.       Some mystery shopping isn’t shopping or a mystery. Trust me, there’s mystery with mystery shopping. Even on revealed shops, the person doesn’t know they are being shopped until the very end. And even if you don’t have to make a purchase, you’re at least window shopping. While you may not be in the market for whatever item you are shopping for, you might be a few months or a year from now. Or you could have a friend who is in the market.

What myths have you heard about mystery shopping?


-Allison M