Ellis Needs You as a Mystery Shopper

Remember as an 8th grader how important those final exam scores and standardized test scores were? Every day as working citizens we are put into categories for our performance. If you are in sales and aren’t meeting your goals, you’re put into a category by your boss. If you’re a doctor with a malpractice suit against you, chances are you’re put into a category by the medical board. If you’re a waitress and you have multiple customer complaints against you, you’re probably put into a category by your manager.

And what about the good things that we do when we are on the clock? How are those measured? Most people probably aren’t the type to go running to their supervisor to let them know when they’ve done something “right”. We are all measured in some capacity for our performance on the job.

As a multi-family housing leasing consultant being measured becomes a bit trickier. Since the majority of the work is out of the office and one on one with the client in an apartment home or on a golf cart, there is no manager to stand around to see and hear if the leasing consultant is following the guidelines set up by Fair Housing, or following the sales tools put in place by management.

There has to be a way to measure leasing consultant’s performance too, which is where an Ellis Mystery Shopper comes into the equation. Your role within Ellis Mystery Shopping is vital and important to the success of a leasing consultant’s career. Without you there would be no way to find the flaws in a leasing consultant’s sales pitch and no way to reward a leasing consultant for their dynamite performance.

Mystery shoppers as a whole are crucial, but even more so for Ellis, because without you the standout leasing consultants would truly go unnoticed and the struggling leasing consultants would continue to struggle.

Here are the top 5 reasons why Ellis Mystery Shopping needs you!

  1. Customers Are Number 1: Ellis allows the business owners to see their business through the eyes of their everyday customer. As a mystery shopper you are the eyes, ears, and sometimes hidden video camera for the community. Without you a business wouldn’t be able to understand their customer’s perspective and without customers a business fails.
  2. Improving the Business: Ellis allows a business to evaluate their consumer’s overall experience and make adjustments and improvements. Knowing that the customers are so important to a business, without specific details about a leasing consultant’s performance, management won’t be able to make necessary adjustments and improvements. It’s important as a mystery shopper to be specific.
  3. Having the “Right” Employees: Ellis ensures that a business has the “right” employees for their business. Not everyone is cut out to be a leasing consultant and without the right people in place, a property can fail. At the same time, as a mystery shopper you will come across so many “right” employees and it feels good to be a part of someone’s success.
  4. Your Opinion Counts: A quality Ellis mystery shopper can quickly and easily identify a business’ weaknesses and strengths. Take mystery shopping serious. It doesn’t take much of your time, but make sure you are thorough and detailed in your reports. Keep your eyes and ears open so you can be specific when writing your account of the shop.
  5. Staying Strong Against Competitors: Ellis helps management strengthen their community to ensure they have an advantage over their competitors. The informative feedback in a mystery shop keeps their leasing performance strong.

Without mystery shoppers, Ellis would not be able to provide these invaluable services to communities across the nation. Your opinion is so important to the success of a leasing consultant’s career as well as to the businesses we serve.


-Allison M