Mystery Shopping Income

Mystery Shopping Income:

Independent contractor mystery shoppers can earn extra income

If you already are holding down a full time job and are trying to figure out how you can make extra income then consider mystery shopping income from being an independent contractor with Ellis (EPMS).  EPMS is the perfect choice for someone looking to make extra money on a very part-time basis on top of his or her current income. EPMS offers shoppers a flexible schedule but does not guarantee availability of work. They pay regularly for completed assignments. So you may be thinking to yourself, ‘How do I do it?’

  • Determine how many mystery shop contracts you want to complete on a weekly basis. Maybe you want to only complete 1 shop per week, maybe 2. Either way, make sure to set a goal and stick with it.
  • Get a calendar: Outlook is a great option or the calendar provided on your phone… the traditional paper calendar will suffice too. Make sure you write/type your shop contract commitments in your calendar so you are staying within the parameters of your goal.
  • Pay attention to the dates: Each shop contract will specify when the work needs to be completed. You are always able to ask for an extension, but try not to exhaust that option too frequently. Try to organize your shops by the completion date, but also pay attention to the location.
  • Look at zip codes: Organize your calendar based on the location of the shop. You may be able to tackle two shops in one day if there are multiple properties within the same vicinity.
  • Find shops that are close to your work: You might be able to sneak in a quick shop on your lunch break or after work by finding potential shops close to your work. You can also find locations that are on your drive home to expand the potential shop contracts that are available to you.
  • Finish your report the same day of the shop: There’s nothing worse than visiting multiple properties, putting the report off for the night, and then trying to piece the details together the next day. If you complete everything the same day of the shop, you can close out one shop contract and move on to the next one faster and with ease. If you visit the property on your lunch break or after work, set aside an hour at night to complete the necessary report.  

The beauty of utilizing EPMS as a part-time supplemental income is that you determine what shop contracts you accept and complete. If you wanted an extra $400 for the month, you simply contract with enough mystery shopping companies for enough shop contracts to meet that goal. It’s very easy to juggle mystery shopping as an independent contractor with EPMS alongside your full time job, but the key is staying organized.

You can apply online by visiting Become a mystery shopper with EPMS, filling out a short form, and agreeing to their Independent Contractor Agreement.