The BIG 7 – Reasons I Mystery Shop

Well, why not? Really, this is the one opportunity that you have to get paid to give your honest opinion on how an apartment complex is treating its potential customers.


You are doing both the apartment complex and the “real” potential clients a favor by sharing your expertise. Feedback from a potential customer is priceless to any company.  Don’t you admire the property management companies who strive to maintain a sense of quality and address the needs of their potential residents?



Everyone can use some extra cash.  With the value of the American currency decreasing which reflects in the price of every day goods, any extra cash could help.  Ellis  pays pretty well for the time invested in completing an apartment shop.  The video shops pay on average $50 for a contract job that takes no more than 45 minutes to an hour.  The average American does not make this much money an hour at their day job.


You do not need to be a particular age.  Well, okay you have to be at least 18 or able to lease an apartment to seem like a true customer.  With that said, all walks of life need a place to stay.


It’s fun.  Simply the fact that you are a “mystery” shopper is exciting.  It’s a secret. Who doesn’t like a secret that only you and the cool people know?

You can be yourself. This is a huge one for me.  There are many instances in our lives where it does not feel safe or acceptable for us to be ourselves.  This is a contract job where you can be yourself (within reason of course!) – just a regular person who is looking for an apartment.  You may have to pretend that your bed will not fit properly in a room to get the agent’s creative juices flowing with how to sell you the apartment or you may have to mention a pet that you don’t really have but those things are fun.


You don’t need a special degree.  If you wanted to start mystery shopping, there is no delay.  You would simply need to fill out an application and let the show begin.  The barrier to entry is very low for this field.  As long as you are able and capable of renting your own apartment, you are set.


You become an expert.  I’ve done quite a number of mystery shops over the years. When it was time for me to look for a new apartment for myself, I knew the ropes, the questions to ask, and what to expect.  It feels great to be an “insider”!


With that said, what are you waiting for?  You have no excuse for not helping future potential residents and can have a great experience while making some extra cash.


Becoming a mystery shopper is a click away.  Shops (or mystery shop contracts) are available throughout the US.  Your experience and opinion matter.


Tell us some of the reasons YOU mystery shop.


– Stacy M