Mystery Shopper Tips: Top 7 tips to being a GREAT Mystery Shopper

Being a Mystery Shopper for Ellis is ‘work’ – that’s why you get paid! But there are so many pluses, and it can be flexible and easy.  Plus, insider Shopper tips are always nice to have!  Below are 7 key tips to your mystery shopper success.  These are really simple to follow yet are impactful.

#1 Be Yourself

A mystery shop does not require you to act or be anything other than a consumer.  Really, that is it!  Your input is priceless.

#2 Review ahead of time

Take about 5-10 minutes to review the shop contract specifications ahead of time.  If you feel overwhelmed with the amount of information you will need to remember, without the ability to reference a cheat sheet, we recommend you simply remember key points such as:

  • Agent’s name
  • General description
  • General overview of the apartment complex (cleanliness, etc)
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Remember what you told the agent when setting the appointment! Such as…
  1. The name given
  2. One or two bedroom
  3. Desired amenities
  4. Ballpark move in date

This will allow you to relax and let your personality shine!

#3 Be Present during the shop

Do you live in an apartment? Have you ever lived in an apartment? This experience is a familiar process to many of us.  You are a potential client.  Remember when you were apartment hunting? Think about the qualities you looked for in the home, how receptive and cordial the staff was to you, and the amenities that got you to seal the deal!

Be in the moment — that moment when you were looking for your new place.

#4 Take a deep breath

Give yourself a break! Whether it is your first or thirteenth shop, each shop contract is a bit different and you will be meeting and evaluating a new agent each time.  Just do the best you can! You remember more than you think you do. So focus and you will be able to take in everything you need in order to complete the shop.

#5 Let the agent do the talking – (VIP shopper tip)

Let’s put ourselves in the agent’s shoes.  Agents are hired to sell you your next home.  Each agent is typically trained according to a specific process.  You’ve been there; you’ve learned and mastered a new routine or process for your job.  Interruptions interrupt your flow!  The agents have specific points to discuss and we want to give them every opportunity to succeed.  This involves less talking and more listening as a shopper. When someone interrupts your thinking process or flow that can be a bit annoying right?  Well, it is the same for the agent you are mystery shopping.

“less talking and more listening”

Listening gives you the opportunity to properly score the agent based on their knowledge without interruption.  Ellis will be able to pass along valuable comments, reflecting the agent’s true knowledge and skill base, to the management company.   Remember the object of the ‘game’, is to make sure agents are performing their jobs correctly – NOT to catch someone doing something wrong or to mark off as many points as possible.

#6 Enter your information ASAP

Time can feel like a speeding bullet.  It is better to enter the information into the Ellis portal while the experience is fresh on your mind.   So, when you finish the shop, drive off the lot and to a place (home, coffee shop, or during lunch break) where you can immediately enter the shop contract information.

One more task checked off your To-do list.  There can’t be a better feeling than that!

#7 Reward yourself for a mystery shop—well done!

Speaking of tasks, we should always reward ourselves when we complete a task.  How you choose to do so is up to you.

Some ideas:

  • Get a scoop of ice cream
  • Give yourself a big hug
  • Watch your favorite show/latest movie
  • Treat yourself to those shoes or shirt you’ve had your eye on!

I’ve found these mystery shopping tips invaluable as a contract mystery shopper.  Click for additional shopper tips.

-S. Mobley