My First Time

I’m so nervous.  This is my first time. What if she doesn’t like me?   What if she’s looking at my car; is it nice enough?

Did I put on cologne? How’s my hair?

Do I open the door for her, or do I wait for her to open her own door?  Do I walk beside her?  Behind her?  Let her do the talking?  Oh my gosh, my clothes; are they okay?

Before you think anything further about this scenario, rest assured it’s not going where you might have been thinking!

These are just a few of the thoughts you might have on your first mystery shop contract, and they are all natural.  I mean, how many other times in your day do you pose as someone else to secretly get information about how someone is doing their job, and then grade them on that?

Probably not many!

But it’s an important service you’re about to perform, and the more you do it, the more comfortable it will become for you.

My first shopping experience, nearly six years ago now, started off similarly to the scenario above, but everything was great by the end of the shop.

Still, boy, was I ever nervous!  I thought they’d see right through my story!

However, that 30 minutes went very quickly. It felt like a lot to remember that first time – what color eyes the agent had, what the décor of the office was, where the bathrooms were (all info you’ll need for your report!)… but it’s now become the norm whenever I complete a shop contract.

You get very used to taking mental snapshots when you look around.

Mystery shopping is a fun thing to do.  You can come up with just about any scenario you want, and it can help keep the shop interesting.

It’s always intriguing to see how a leasing agent is going to use whatever details you’ve given them and weave your needs and interests into their sales presentation.

Don’t be afraid to be creative – it’s their job to tailor a sales presentation to you individually!

But going back to the “date” scenario, if you approach your target with a smile and a good attitude, they will more than likely treat you very well because they also want to make a good impression too.

And while you don’t get the opportunity for a second date here, you do take the skills you develop from shop to shop along with you.  After a while, you’re very seasoned at it!

Happy Dating, er…I mean Shopping! I’d love to hear how your first shop contract goes!

– K. Peters