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Date: 11/20/2018
Would you recommend: Yes
Comments:A great group of people to work with that is why I would recommend them.

Date: 11/26/2018
Would you recommend: Yes
Comments: I would because it’s a blessing to help a company better their service to others based on facts. It’s convenient and the website is very user friendly. The pay is good for the exchange of service.

Date: 11/19/2018
Would you recommend: No
Comments: Because we are supposed to be mystery shoppers. When we start referring people the word gets out. Bakersfield is to small to start talking about side jobs and not having it back fire.

11/21/2018Would you recommend: Yes
Comments: It is a great way to earn cash and it’s safe.

Date: 12/06/2018
Would you recommend: Yes
Comments: I have already recommended this company to friends and family 4 times.

Date: 11/27/2018
Would you recommend: Yes
Comments: Each community is unique. Some are nicer than others but does not take away from the shopping experience at all, just makes it more fun.

Date: 12/01/2018
Would you recommend: Yes
Comments: I would recommend Ellis because you can pick which shops that you want to complete. They always pay on time. Response time on e-mails is quick.

Date: 12/07/2018
Would you recommend: Yes
Comments: I would recommend Ellis because they are prompt and assertive. Awesome and easy job.

Date: 12/04/2018
Would you recommend: Yes
Comments: I enjoy the ease of doing the EPMS shops. Being able to self assign shops makes it easy for me to plan my week. The information needed to do the shops is straight forward and easy to understand. Schedulers are easy to reach if there is a problem. I look forward to doing more shops with this company.

Date: 11/23/2018
Would you recommend: Yes
Comments: I have recommended someone and she likes the shops as well because they are a lot of fun.